Why should customers trust you?

When it comes to marketing a business, there are many different “proofs” that proof must consider. Celebrity endorsements can work for brands with pockets deep enough to pay for celebrity endorsements. For those smaller businesses operating on limited funds, there are similar proofs that proof of ROI can do on a smaller scale. If you can prove why customers should trust you instead of your competition, you stand to have a competitive edge.

Proof of the business concept

When answering why customers should trust you, you must have a business concept that is trusted. Often we take for granted the underlying concepts that drive our business. For example, in running a coaching service, coaches will often jump past the concept of coaching to selling their particular programs. When doing this, the coach has neglected the fact that the customer has’t necessarily bought into the concept of coaching. Financial advisors can tout the fact that a single advisor handles all of their customer’s needs when they haven’t been convinced that having a single advisor is necessary. It is important to ensure that the business concept is trusted before you can expect to gain trust for your business.

Proof of the relevance to the customer

And just because a customer accepts that having a single financial advisor or a business coach is a valid and trusted concept doesn’t’ guarantee that the customer will think that the concepts are relevant to them. Essentially, customers need to be shown “what’s in it for me”. Putting the business concept into context for the customer will show how the concept will work. The customer may accept that having a single financial advisor or a business coach would work for some people, not necessarily for them. Proof of business concept is where it starts, but it needs to be tied to proof of relevance to the customer to answer why customers should trust you.

Proof of the promise of how your solution will work

Once you have established proof of business concept and tied it into proof of relevance to the customer, the next hurdle is to show how your solution will work in the context of the customer. You may have established proof of relevance, but unless the customer can see some insight into how your solution will meet their needs, you won’t completely answer why customers should trust you. And the best way to go about this is to show it and not just tell your customers about it. Testimonials can be a useful tool to build proof. Free trials are another way to prove this concept to your customers. Nothing works quite like having the customer experience the benefits of your product or service firsthand.

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Proof of your superiority

We all know that shopping around is the way that most people shop. You would never dream of buying the first car, the first house or the first high-ticket item without looking around at your other options. Shopping around is a natural part of any purchase decision. And knowing who your are competing with and what sets your business apart from the competition will be critical in showing how your business meets the needs of your customers better than that of the competition. We live in a consumer-focused world. Customers have many options at hand. And knowing how you are different, special, unique is a necessary part in answering the question why customers should trust you and your business.


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