Positive East

The Client

Positive East is a London-based charity that aims to improve the lives of individuals affected by HIV. They offer a range of services, including testing, counseling, and support groups, significantly impacting their community. Despite their crucial work, they faced challenges standing out among larger charities operating in the same space.


The Challenge

Positive East was grappling with visibility issues. They were getting overshadowed by larger, similar charities, making it difficult for them to attract high-profile donors and sponsors. Their identity needed a refresh to resonate with their target audience and distinguish themselves from other organizations.


The Solution

Un_Standard, in partnership with London-based marketing agency Rapier, took on the challenge of rebranding Positive East. They devised a comprehensive strategy that involved forming multiple partnerships to raise the charity’s profile.

One of the notable projects deployed by Un_Standard was a multimedia project that shed light on the stories of African refugees, shifting the charity’s messaging focus to resonate more deeply with its audience. Another initiative was an art installation that visually represented the charity’s mission and impact.



The rebranding efforts by Un_Standard and Rapier resulted in a renewed identity for Positive East that resonated with high-profile donors and sponsors. The multimedia project and art installation attracted significant attention, helping raise the charity’s profile and visibility.

Positive East not only stood out amongst similar charities but also managed to create a lasting impression in the minds of potential donors. This case study is a testament to Un_Standard’s innovative approach to rebranding and its ability to help organizations effectively communicate their mission and impact.