The Gemstone Whisperer

The Client

Cyndi Crockett, the visionary behind The Gemstone Whisperer, began her journey crafting gemstone jewelry for herself. Over time, this personal passion blossomed into a profession as a gemstone healer. Cyndi’s unique talent lies in creating high-end customized jewelry that adds a touch of elegance and provides healing benefits to its wearers.


The Challenge

Transitioning from a personal passion to a professional brand presented several challenges. Establishing The Gemstone Whisperer in the competitive high-end jewelry market was no small feat. Building a relationship with her target audience – female entrepreneurs seeking both style and well-being – also required a careful balance of sophistication and approachability.


The Solution

Un_Standard stepped in with a multi-faceted strategy. We began by creating a modern, elegant, yet approachable brand identity that truly embodied the essence of The Gemstone Whisperer. The new brand identity reflected the jewelry’s high-quality, customized nature while highlighting its unique healing benefits.

Next, we developed a targeted marketing campaign to resonate with ambitious female entrepreneurs. The campaign emphasized the dual value of The Gemstone Whisperer’s offerings – not just as beautiful accessories but as tools for personal well-being and success.



The strategic solutions implemented by Un_Standard led to sparkling results. The Gemstone Whisperer exceeded sales expectations, successfully carving out a niche in the high-end jewelry market. More importantly, Cyndi built a loyal customer base that was deeply connected with the brand’s unique blend of beauty and healing.

This case study highlights Un_Standard’s ability to create compelling brand identities and marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience. Our strategic approach helped The Gemstone Whisperer transition from a personal passion to a professional brand, demonstrating our capability to drive brand growth and business success.