David Garrard

The Client

Un_Standard is a leading design and marketing agency known for its innovative approach to solving complex business challenges. At the helm is David Garrard, an accomplished design and marketing professional whose visionary leadership has guided the company to new heights. With a diverse portfolio of successful projects, Garrard’s expertise and commitment to excellence are integral to Un_Standard’s reputation as an industry leader.


The Challenge

Despite its success, Un_Standard faced significant challenges. Maintaining a solid brand reputation and increasing revenue became increasingly demanding in a constantly evolving competitive industry. Garrard needed to ensure Un_Standard stayed ahead of the curve, continually adapting to meet clients’ changing needs while distinguishing the agency from competitors.

An example of these challenges was integrating emerging technologies into Un_Standard’s service offerings without diluting the brand’s core strengths in design and marketing.


The Solution

Garrard tackled these challenges head-on with a strategic approach that combined innovation with Un_Standard’s core strengths. He introduced cutting-edge technologies into the company’s service offerings, enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional results for clients.

Simultaneously, Garrard strengthened Un_Standard’s brand by emphasizing their unique approach to design and marketing. He led initiatives to showcase the agency’s work, demonstrating their ability to create impactful solutions that drive business success.



Under Garrard’s leadership, Un_Standard successfully navigated the challenges they faced. They maintained their strong brand reputation, expanded their client base, and increased revenue. By integrating new technologies and emphasizing its unique approach, Un_Standard solidified its position as a leading design and marketing agency.

This case study showcases how David Garrard’s strategic leadership has driven Un_Standard’s success. His ability to anticipate industry trends, adapt to changing client needs, and maintain a strong brand identity underscores his leadership effectiveness and value to Un_Standard.