The Client

HNTRISM is a digital media platform aimed at today’s affluent and tech-savvy trendsetters. Founded by a team of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, HNTRISM provides a curated community of luxury products that cater to the discerning tastes of its audience.


The Challenge

While HNTRISM had a clear vision, translating it into a tangible brand and technology stack presented significant challenges. The task was twofold: first, to build a brand that resonated with their target market and accurately represented the curated selection of luxury brands on their platform, and second, to create a seamless back-end system capable of importing, standardizing, and cleaning substantial amounts of data.


The Solution

Un_Standard took a comprehensive approach to address these challenges. We began by crafting a compelling brand identity for HNTRISM that reflected its luxury focus and appeal to trendsetters. This involved developing a distinctive visual identity and tone of voice that captured the essence of the HNTRISM brand.

Simultaneously, we tackled the technological challenge. Utilizing a robust technology stack, we created a back-end system that could handle large volumes of data. This ensured the platform could efficiently showcase various luxury brands while providing a smooth user experience.

To raise awareness about HNTRISM, we launched a multi-channel marketing campaign targeting affluent, tech-savvy individuals. This included social media promotion, influencer partnerships, and targeted digital advertising.



The results were impressive. The rebranding effort and marketing campaign increased traffic to the HNTRISM platform, leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer engagement. Sales figures also indicated the campaign’s success, with a significant increase in transactions following the implementation of our solutions.

This case study highlights Un_Standard’s ability to develop comprehensive solutions that address complex branding and technical challenges. Our strategic approach helped HNTRISM establish a strong brand presence and efficient technology stack, positioning them for continued success in the digital luxury market.