The Client

Voxza is an industry leader in omnichannel cloud-based technology. Their cutting-edge solution, GAIA’s Click-to-Engage/Call, empowers companies to optimize customer experience and revenue management. With a suite of features including global calling, digital IVR, in-app calling, call-back functionality, video calling, real-time transcription for agents, and real-time translation, Voxza is setting new standards in customer engagement.

The Challenge

Despite offering an innovative product, Voxza faced the challenge of effectively communicating its value proposition in a highly competitive market. The task was to create a strong brand identity that accurately represented their technological prowess and unique offerings. Moreover, they needed a marketing strategy that could reach their target audience and demonstrate the benefits of their solution in enhancing customer experience and driving revenue growth.

The Solution

Un_Standard stepped in with a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy. We developed a dynamic brand identity that reflected Voxza’s innovative spirit and commitment to superior customer engagement. The new branding emphasized the unique features of GAIA’s Click-to-Engage/Call technology, such as its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, global reach, and robust security.

Our marketing approach targeted decision-makers in companies looking to enhance their customer experience and optimize revenue. Through a mix of digital marketing tactics, we showcased how Voxza’s solution could transform its customer engagement and drive business success.


The strategic solutions implemented by Un_Standard led to impressive results for Voxza. The rebranding effort resonated with their target audience, increasing engagement and interest in their solution. The marketing campaign successfully communicated the unique value of Voxza’s technology, increasing leads and conversions.

This case study showcases Un_Standard’s ability to craft compelling brand identities and marketing strategies that effectively communicate the value of innovative solutions. Through our strategic approach, we helped Voxza stand out in a competitive market and drive its business success.