Kirby Legal Solutions

The Client

Kirby Legal Solutions offers a broad spectrum of corporate and transactional attorney services. Mr. Kirby’s rich experience in mergers and acquisitions, financings, and executive compensation has made him an invaluable asset for privately-held companies of various sizes across various industries throughout the Southeast.

Their expertise extends beyond significant transactions to include assistance with the legal aspects of day-to-day operations, employment issues, tax matters, and contract negotiations. Their close work with founders and executives of small businesses in implementing buy-sell arrangements, exit strategies, and personal estate planning has been a critical differentiator for Kirby Legal Solutions.


The Challenge

Despite its extensive legal offerings, Kirby Legal Solutions faced a significant challenge when starting – standing out amidst a crowded market. They needed a strong brand identity that resonated with their target audience and effectively communicated their unique value proposition.


The Solution

Un_Standard devised a viable solution to enable Kirby Legal Solutions to stand out in the competitive legal landscape. We created a distinct brand identity that reflected their comprehensive legal services and personalized approach. Our marketing strategy was tailored to attract new clients, emphasizing their broad range of services and Mr. Kirby’s hands-on approach to overseeing the legal needs of businesses.



The partnership between Kirby Legal Solutions and Un_Standard led to impressive results. The successful brand launch resonated with the target audience, leading to increased client acquisition and revenue generation.

Furthermore, Kirby Legal Solutions carved out a unique position in the market, demonstrating Un_Standard’s capability to drive brand growth and business success. Our strategic approach helped Kirby Legal Solutions transform its extensive offerings into a compelling narrative that set them apart in the competitive legal landscape.