Patchwork Quilters

The Client

Patchwork Quilters, a quilt guild based in southwestern Virginia, has a rich history of crafting and celebrating the art of quilting. Their annual jamboree is a vibrant event where members showcase their quilted items, sharing their craft with the local community.


The Challenge

Despite their strong tradition, Patchwork Quilters faced a fundamental challenge: staying relevant in the digital age. The guild needed to attract a new and broader audience to its annual jamboree while preserving its traditional charm. They sought to expand their reach and bring in more attendees, exhibitors, and vendors but found it challenging to navigate the digital landscape.


The Solution

Un_Standard crafted a practical solution that blended tradition with modernity. We started by creating a unique and updated brand for Patchwork Quilters that honored their heritage while appealing to a broader audience.

Next, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included a revamped website, active social media presence, and targeted online advertising designed to boost visibility and attract a broader demographic to the jamboree.

We also introduced new elements to the event, adding interactive digital components and broadening the range of exhibits to appeal to a more diverse crowd.



The results were remarkable. The rebranding and digital marketing efforts breathed new life into the Patchwork Quilters’ annual jamboree, leading to increased attendees, exhibitors, and vendors. The event saw record-breaking participation and received positive feedback from long-time members and new attendees.

This case study illustrates how Un_Standard’s creative solutions can help traditional organizations like Patchwork Quilters successfully transition into the digital age, expanding their reach and impact while staying true to their roots.