Asbury Skin

The Client

Asbury Skin, a clean skincare industry trailblazer, offers various products championing purity, efficacy, and sustainability. This burgeoning brand is a beacon of innovation amidst a sea of competitors. A commitment to conscious skincare that doesn’t compromise on results is what sets them apart.


The Challenge

Asbury Skin, a burgeoning clean skincare brand, ventured into the fiercely competitive landscape of the beauty industry with a mission to stand out. Amid a sea of established brands, Asbury Skin needed to carve a distinct niche and narrate a compelling brand story that resonated with conscious consumers.


The Solution

Un_Standard rose to the occasion with a comprehensive solution that shaped Asbury Skin’s journey from concept to launch. The foundation was laid with a distinctive brand identity that encapsulated Asbury Skin’s commitment to clean skincare.


Un_Standard then crafted a compelling brand story, emphasizing Asbury Skin’s dedication to purity, efficacy, and sustainability. This narrative served as a beacon, guiding product development and production management. Un_Standard navigated the complex path of formulating clean skincare products, ensuring each product echoed the brand’s ethos.


The launch strategy was meticulously planned, blending traditional and digital marketing channels for maximum impact. Un_Standard leveraged its network to secure influential partnerships, amplifying Asbury Skin’s reach. Concurrently, they orchestrated a robust PR campaign to generate buzz around the launch.



The collaboration between Asbury Skin and Un_Standard culminated in a successful launch that secured placement in spas and leading retailers. The brand story resonated with consumers, creating a loyal audience that grew organically.


In the first year alone, the website saw a 60% increase in traffic, a testament to the effectiveness of the multifaceted marketing strategy. Un_Standard didn’t just help Asbury Skin launch a product; Un_Standard helped build a brand that truly stands for something.


Asbury Skin is a testament to Un_Standard’s ability to navigate the complexities of launching a skincare brand and achieving tangible success in a saturated market. It illustrates the power of a clear brand story, strategic partnerships, and a well-executed launch strategy.