Berchards window

Berchard’s Fine Living

The Client

Berchard’s Fine Living is more than another name in the interiors and home furnishings industry. It embodies elegance, a symphony of style, and a testament to fine living and entertaining. This unique online platform brings together the finest pieces from across the globe, offering consumers an immersive experience in the world of premium home decor.

But what does it take to launch a new venture, especially in such a competitive market? How do you stand out when starting from scratch? This is where our story begins.


The Challenge

Imagine the daunting task of creating a brand from the ground up. The challenge was not merely about introducing a new name in the market but crafting an identity that could resonate with today’s discerning consumers. We faced the colossal task of creating a brand and building a user-friendly platform allowing customers to quickly discover and engage with our products.


The Solution

Un_Standard stepped in with a clear vision and an innovative approach. They were instrumental in shaping Berchard’s Fine Living’s brand identity, infusing it with a distinctive personality that is sophisticated, innovative, and approachable.

They didn’t stop at branding. They spearheaded the creation of a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that put Berchard’s Fine Living on the map. Their prowess extended to securing development partners, ensuring our platform was user-friendly and technologically advanced.

Un_Standard implemented an engagement-driven marketing strategy, transforming how Berchard’s Fine Living interacted with its audience. They also introduced proprietary product discovery technology, revolutionizing how customers navigate our catalog.

Furthermore, they played a crucial role in securing partnerships with top retailers, expanding our reach, and enhancing our brand credibility.



So, what did this collaboration achieve? The results speak for themselves. Berchard’s Fine Living is no longer a newcomer. It has etched its name in the minds of consumers.

Brand awareness skyrocketed, capturing the attention of the market. Our platform saw an influx of users, drawn by the seamless user experience and our extensive range of products. More importantly, these visits translated into sales, significantly increasing conversion rates.

But numbers only tell part of the story. The real success lies in the trust and loyalty garnered from customers and our mark in the world of fine living. Berchard’s Fine Living journey, powered by Un_Standard, is more than a tale of a successful business venture. It is a testament to innovation’s power, strategic partnerships’ importance, and the limitless possibilities when creativity meets technology.