The Client

FOURPOINTEIGHT is a revolutionary fashion technology company that has redefined the online shopping experience. Their premium shopping app is a search platform that brings together thousands of online fashion brands, catering to a diverse and fashion-forward audience.


The Challenge

Despite its innovative approach, FOURPOINTEIGHT faced significant challenges in building its brand and engaging its target audience. Additionally, they grappled with data feed issues that affected their platform’s organization of search results.


The Solution

Un_Standard stepped in with a comprehensive solution that addressed these challenges head-on. We developed a strong visual identity for FOURPOINTEIGHT that appealed to a diverse audience and resonated with their fashion-forward ethos.

Moreover, we resolved the underlying data feed issues that affected search results organization. Our solution was efficient and scalable, ensuring that FOURPOINTEIGHT could continue adding more brands to its platform without compromising user experience.



The collaboration between Un_Standard and FOURPOINTEIGHT yielded remarkable results. The revamped visual identity bolstered FOURPOINTEIGHT’s brand image and engagement rates. Meanwhile, resolving data feed issues enhanced the functionality of their search platform, leading to improved user satisfaction and increased usage.

This case study is a testament to Un_Standard’s ability to provide innovative and effective solutions that drive client success. Through our partnership with FOURPOINTEIGHT, we overcame significant challenges and fostered growth in the competitive fashion technology landscape.