The Client

GET IT is a technology company that has transformed the parking industry. They specialize in offering frictionless parking solutions, modernizing operations and redefining the driver’s parking experience.


The Challenge

However, the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, resulting in cash-flow issues for GET IT. The need was not just for survival but to establish a strong brand presence in a competitive industry during tough times.


The Solution

Un_Standard adopted a two-pronged approach to address GET IT’s challenge. We first focused on creating a strong brand identity that would resonate within the industry. This involved a detailed understanding of the industry dynamics and positioning GET IT as a potential acquisition target for high profile corporate partners.



Our strategic intervention led to remarkable results. GET IT scaled operations across North America and gained a significant presence in luxury hotel chains and boutique airports. Within nine months of the relaunch, a larger parking company approached GET IT for potential acquisition.

This case study signifies Un_Standard’s commitment to delivering success even in the face of adversity. Our strategic solutions helped GET IT to navigate a challenging phase and emerge stronger, proving our capability to drive transformative growth.