Sommerville Rose

The Client

Sommerville Rose is a UK-based consultancy whose mission is to support start-ups from economically disadvantaged areas in the UK. They are dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and providing opportunities for growth in these communities.


The Challenge

While Sommerville Rose was making strides in its mission, it faced a significant hurdle: ensuring the financial sustainability of these start-ups before they could secure EU funding. This challenge required a comprehensive solution that would address multiple facets of the start-ups, including their brand, market fit, marketing strategy, and sales strategy.


The Solution

Un_Standard partnered with Sommerville Rose to provide consultancy services tailored to each start-up’s unique needs. They worked closely with the start-ups to solidify their brand identity, understand their product-market fit, and develop effective marketing and sales strategies. This holistic approach ensured the start-ups were positioned for success and financial sustainability.



The impact of Un_Standard’s collaboration with Sommerville Rose was profound and tangible. As a result of the strategic consultancy provided, Sommerville Rose secured funding for 11 start-ups. This transformed the lives of the individuals who founded these start-ups and contributed to the economic upliftment of the disadvantaged areas they operated.

This case study is a testament to Un_Standard’s ability to provide strategic solutions that drive results. By partnering with Sommerville Rose, they demonstrated their commitment to supporting entrepreneurship and positively impacting communities.