Pull Logic

The Client

Pull Logic is an AI-based SaaS platform that seeks to revolutionize the retail industry. Born out of the innovative work of Dr. Benoit Montreuil at Georgia Tech’s Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering, Pull Logic empowers retailers with accurate demand forecasting and precise inventory optimization. This cutting-edge technology solution prevents lost sales due to stockouts and presents a significant competitive advantage to boost profitability.


The Challenge

Un_Standard was tasked with building a brand from scratch for Pull Logic, and finding a product-market fit in the highly competitive retail industry. The challenge was to communicate the complex technology behind Pull Logic in a way that resonated with potential clients, showcasing how it could solve their specific problems and improve their bottom line.


The Solution

Un_Standard developed a marketing strategy focused on educating potential clients about the benefits of Pull Logic’s platform. We created a compelling narrative that broke down complex technical jargon into easily understandable benefits. Our team highlighted real-world scenarios where Pull Logic’s solutions could prevent lost sales and increase profitability.

We also targeted key decision-makers in the retail industry, showcasing how Pull Logic could be integrated into their existing systems to enhance efficiency and profitability.



The results were impressive. With Un_Standard’s strategic input, Pull Logic established its brand and found its product-market fit in the retail industry. The campaign resonated with retailers, leading to increased visibility, client acquisition, and a significant reduction in lost sales due to stockouts for their clients.

This case study underscores Un_Standard’s ability to translate complex technology solutions into compelling marketing campaigns. Our strategic approach helped Pull Logic establish a strong foothold in the retail industry, proving our capability to drive brand growth and market penetration.