Fashion North

The Client

Fashion North is a collaborative project showcasing Northern England’s diverse range of designers and artisans. The initiative, partnered with the University of Leeds and Invest Leeds City Region, serves as a platform to spotlight the region’s creative talents.


The Challenge

Despite its rich talent pool, Fashion North faced an uphill battle in promoting its unique offerings to a wider audience beyond London and other UK fashion capitals. The challenge lay in finding a way to amplify their reach effectively.


The Solution

Un_Standard stepped in with a bespoke strategy. We built relationships with local improvement councils and the university, creating a collective that would promote the region’s talents at home and beyond. Our approach hinged on leveraging local networks and resources to push these talents into the spotlight they deserved.



Our partnership with Fashion North has been a resounding success. The collective we helped forge has significantly increased the visibility of the region’s designers and artisans. Our strategy has allowed Fashion North to effectively showcase its talents to a wider audience, attracting attention and recognition outside traditional UK fashion hotspots.

This case study exemplifies Un_Standard’s ability to devise innovative strategies that drive success. Our partnership with Fashion North underscores our commitment to fostering creativity and promoting talent on a broader scale.