B+G Leasing

The Client

B+G Leasing is a rental agency based in Southern West Virginia. With over 100 units dedicated to low-income tenants, they are committed to providing quality housing options that are both affordable and accessible.


The Challenge

B+G Leasing faced a dual challenge. They needed to create a welcoming brand that would resonate with their target audience and reflect their commitment to community service. At the same time, they needed to implement a backend payment and communication system to streamline their operations and enhance the tenant experience.


The Solution

Understanding the unique needs of B+G Leasing, Un_Standard developed a comprehensive plan. We began by crafting a warm and inviting brand identity that echoed B+G Leasing’s commitment to its community. Our team designed engaging visuals and compelling narratives that genuinely represented the essence of their mission.

Simultaneously, we recommended the implementation of a simple and user-friendly payment and communication portal. This digital solution simplifies transactions and fosters open communication between the agency and the tenants. It included features like online payment options, maintenance request submissions, and a platform for important announcements.



The results were impressive. The rebranding efforts resonated with the tenants, leading to an increase in brand recognition and positive feedback. The communication portal, on the other hand, significantly improved operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction. Payments were made on time, maintenance requests were handled promptly, and communication improved.

This case study demonstrates Un_Standard’s ability to deliver multi-faceted solutions that not only enhance the brand image but also improve customer experience and operational efficiency. Our strategic approach helped B+G Leasing achieve its goals, proving our capability to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.