The Client

BeLeafs is an upmarket medical cannabis brand offering a diverse product range to cater to the specific needs of patients in California. Their products, designed for the discerning consumer, are distributed through select dispensaries and online platforms.


The Challenge

As a new entrant in a saturated market, BeLeafs faced the daunting task of creating a unique brand identity. They needed to differentiate themselves from competitors, connect with their target audience, and navigate the complexities of the California market—all from scratch.


The Solution

Un_Standard stepped in with a robust plan to build a distinctive brand language for BeLeafs. Our approach started with an in-depth understanding of the medical cannabis market and BeLeafs’ target audience. We then developed a go-to-market strategy that positioned BeLeafs as a premium choice for medical cannabis.

Our solution emphasized BeLeafs’ commitment to quality and patient care, setting them apart. We crafted compelling narratives around their products, highlighting their benefits and unique selling points.



The results were nothing short of remarkable. With Un_Standard’s strategic input, BeLeafs successfully established its presence in the California market. The brand resonated with consumers, leading to increased visibility and sales. Encouraged by this success, BeLeafs plans to expand further, armed with a solid brand identity and a proven go-to-market strategy.

This case study underscores Un_Standard’s ability to transform challenges into opportunities. Our strategic solutions helped BeLeafs establish a strong foothold in a competitive industry, proving our capability to drive brand growth and market expansion.