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The Client

delaPlex is a global technology and software development solutions and consulting provider deeply committed to driving growth, revenue, and value for companies. The firm offers an innovative Agile Business Framework, providing efficient project management and outsourced software engineering. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, delaPlex has a global reach and works with a diverse clientele, offering Software Development as a Service (SDaaS). Their core objectives revolve around delivering reliable, high-quality software solutions and successfully helping businesses navigate digital transformation.


The Challenge

Despite their innovative offerings and global presence, delaPlex’s growth had hit a plateau. They faced intense competition from other development companies offering similar outsourced services worldwide. The challenge was standing out in a saturated market and effectively connecting with potential clients.


The Solution

Un_Standard recognized the need for a rebranding strategy tailored to delaPlex’s unique challenges. They embarked on a comprehensive rebranding exercise, cleaning up old materials and creating a fresh, competitive brand identity for delaPlex. The rebranding process was not just about aesthetics but about positioning delaPlex as a leader in their sector.

Un_Standard interlinked the rebranding exercise into a cohesive sales strategy. This approach enabled delaPlex to connect with major corporations worldwide, offering outsourced solutions that met their specific needs.



The results of Un_Standard’s rebranding strategy were phenomenal. Post-rebrand, delaPlex saw a significant increase in engagement and new client acquisitions. The refreshed brand identity resonated with its target audience, helping delaPlex stand out in the competitive market. The successful rebranding and sales strategy led to a resurgence in growth, proving that proper branding can make a substantial difference.

This case study is a testament to Un_Standard’s ability to reinvigorate a brand and create a marketing strategy that connects with customers and drives growth.