Mokros Homes

The Client

Beryl Mokros, an independent realtor based in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the driving force behind Mokros Homes. Known for his dedication to clients and in-depth knowledge of the local market, Mr. Mokros has a clear mission: to provide personalized, high-quality real estate services that help clients find their dream homes.


The Challenge

However, establishing a new brand in St. Petersburg’s crowded real estate market was no easy task. With many established players dominating the scene, Mr. Mokros faced the challenge of making Mokros Homes visible and attractive to potential clients. Additionally, there was a pressing need to create a comprehensive suite of marketing materials that represented the brand and resonated with the target audience.


The Solution

Un_Standard tackled these challenges head-on. We developed a branding strategy that encapsulated Mr. Mokros’ values and the unique selling proposition of Mokros Homes. We focused on creating an elegant, visually striking brand identity in the marketplace.

Alongside the brand identity, we produced a complete suite of marketing materials. Each piece was designed to reinforce the brand image and connect with potential clients, from business cards and brochures to digital ads and social media content.



The results speak for themselves. With a strong brand identity and comprehensive marketing materials, Mokros Homes successfully established a foothold in the St. Petersburg real estate market. The brand’s visibility increased significantly, leading to higher client engagement and, ultimately, more successful transactions.