High Energy Solutions

The Client

High Energy Solutions is a supplement brand renowned for its all-natural sports nutrition and anti-aging solutions. Their products range from energy-boosting supplements to health-enhancing capsules, all designed to support the overall well-being of their customers. High Energy Solutions faced stiff competition in the saturated wellness market despite offering high-quality, effective products.


The Challenge

High Energy Solutions was in a highly competitive market, with brands promising similar results. Despite the quality and effectiveness of their products, their efforts to establish their brand identity and attract new customers were not yielding the desired returns. They needed a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a strong connection with their target audience.


The Solution

Un_Standard, with its expertise in branding and marketing, stepped in to transform High Energy Solutions’ market position. They rebranded the product line, creating a cohesive visual language that encapsulated the brand’s mission and values. This included a redesigned logo, packaging, and marketing materials that resonated with the target audience.

Un_Standard also repositioned the brand, highlighting the unique selling points of High Energy Solutions and aligning them with the needs and desires of their target demographic. They brokered deals with small health food stores, expanding the brand’s reach and accessibility.



The results were impressive. The rebranding and repositioning efforts led to increased brand recognition and customer engagement. Sales grew significantly, indicating that the new brand identity and marketing strategies resonated with customers.

High Energy Solutions is thriving in the market, standing out amongst competitors, and continuing to grow its customer base. The success of this project highlights Un_Standard’s ability to transform a brand’s identity, positioning, and market performance through strategic branding and marketing initiatives.