UnleashUnleash Your Potential withwith Un_Standard's VisionaryVisionary Strategic Service Package

Step into a world of strategic marketing excellence with Un_Standard’s Visionary Strategic Service Package. Designed for businesses ready to take their marketing strategies to the next level, this package provides you with an expert who will devise and execute your marketing plans.

A Suite of Services Tailored to Your Success

Starting at $10,000 per month, our Visionary Fractional Strategic Service is more than just a service; it’s a partnership. With about 10 hours dedicated each week to your organization, our consultants will:

Translate Visions into Actions

We transform the vision of your CEO and Board into tangible marketing campaigns and objectives.

Identify Essential Talent

We pinpoint the key talent your business needs to reach its goals.

Assist in Talent Acquisition

We support your HR department in finding, interviewing, and managing qualified talent to implement marketing strategies.

Provide Regular Updates

We report weekly to the CEO and Board on all crucial KPIs, ensuring transparency and alignment.

Innovate Constantly

We continuously find innovative ways to reach your marketing and sales goals, overcoming roadblocks.

Is the Visionary Strategic Service Package Right for You?

This package is ideal if your business’s annual revenue is at least $1M, and you don’t need a full-time hire but require an expert to create and ensure the execution of your marketing strategy.

InvestInvest in Your
Future SuccessSuccess

With Un_Standard’s Visionary Strategic Service Package, you’re investing in a brighter, more prosperous future for your business. Let’s transform your marketing vision into reality!